Recovery Beads - 12 Step Sobriety Prayer Beads


12 Step Recovery beads are a great way to clear the head and get actively involved in your prayer and meditation time.

Held in the hands and used to repeat affirmations, count breaths, recite the Steps ... whatever use is in line with your own spiritual practice, they help to quiet mental "chatter" - many find that simply fingering their beads can be calming.

This set is made with 12 natural Red Creek jasper beads, each hand linked with brass art wire, which represent the 12 Steps of the recovery program. The loop of beads meet at a brass wheel connector. The front of the set has a link made with 3 beads, which represent the 3 principles of Recovery.

The set is completed with charms drawn from the Serenity Prayer - an owl for wisdom and a feather for courage - along with a brass Unity symbol.

Red Creek Jasper: heals relationships, brings balance, connects with earth's grounding energies.

Length: 20cm / 8 inches

The beads are suitable for men or women, and make a great sobriety gift. They come with a pamphlet explaining their purpose and ways of using them along with the full version of the Serenity prayer.

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