Radiant Crucifix, Bronze 5.5cm


Traditional "radiant" style crucifix made in bronze. This style of cross is also known as a "lily" cross.

A lily cross has arms that end in a 3-pointed lily shape, representing the 3-fold nature of the Holy Trinity. Added together, the 12 points stand for the 12 Apostles who went out from the cross to carry the Good News to the world.

This cross also has a burst of radiant light behind the figure of Christ on the cross, signifying His triumph and resurrection. Because there is the figure of Christ on the cross, this is known as a crucifix (the cross has no body on it).

Made in Italy, nice detailing. Great for a pendant, or for use in a rosary or chaplet.

Size: 5.5cm tall x 3.25cm wide. Comes with a split-ring through the top loop so it is ready to use.

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