Pink Rhodonite Recovery Rosary - Prayer & Meditation Beads


Recovery rosaries are personal prayer beads that members of 12 Step recovery fellowships use during meditation & prayer - a great gift for anyone in a 12 Step recovery program. They involve mind & body in your quiet time & help to still thoughts. Use the beads with your own prayers or meditations, for traditional prayers or to "pray the Steps". A pamphlet with some suggested ways to start using them is included.

This set is made with a loop of 8mm round dusky pink rose rhodonite gemstone beads in sets of 4 separated with larger beads. There are 12 beads in the closed loop, one for each step of the recovery program.

The larger beads are placed after every 4th bead in the loop & are a place to pause & reflect on your meditation/prayer so far before continuing around the circle. Many people use this larger bead for a prayer to their higher power, & the other 12 beads for meditating on the steps.

In the center of the rosary is a Unity symbol which connects the loop to the front part of the rosary. The Unity symbol is important to many in recovery, the image of a triangle surrounded by a circle has deep spiritual roots.

You can assign special prayers to the beads in the front drop, or those familiar with using a rosary can use them in the usual way for their faith. A small cross with a crystal center hangs from the Unity medal.

The rosary is completed with 3 charms drawn from the Serenity Prayer:

  • a dragonfly for serenity;
  • a feather for courage;
  • an owl for wisdom.

Length: 35cm / 12.75 inches.
Beads: 8mm & 10mm round natural pink rhodonite.

A lovely set of prayer beads for personal use, or for gifting to anyone in a 12 Step recovery fellowship. They come attractively packaged with a card about the rosary and some suggestions how to use them.

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