Personalize with Silver or Gold Letter Charms of Your Choice


Customise your purchase by adding letter charms to create a truly personal gift. The addition of a name or initials to a bracelet, rosary, chaplet, necklace or keychain reflects the extra time and attention you have given to choosing just the right gift, and bring an extra layer of meaning to the occasion.

These letters are silver-plated or gold-plated metal, and are approximately .75cm tall (3/8 inch).

When considering adding letter charms to the design of your purchase, you do not want to overwhelm the item so "less is more"! Two or three letters work best for most bracelets if the letters are to be added to other charms already in the design. For rosaries, if the letters are to hang alongside the center medal, then 2 or 3 letters can hang on each side.

To purchase, first select the number of letter charms you want, then select the color letter charms you would like.

In the "details" text box, tell me what letters you would like - please enter them in the order you want them to appear in. You can also give me any special instructions for  whereabouts on your purchased item you would like the letters attached.

Add your choice to your shopping cart. If you have purchased an item (in the same order) that you want the letters attached to, no additional shipping cost will be added.

If you do not leave instructions, I will attach them to the item you have purchased in the place where they balance the design the best. On a bracelet, that is usually with any other charms, or else at the clasp. For a rosary, that is usually by the center medal.

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