Peace Chaplet, Paua Christian Prayer Beads


This Christian peace chaplet is made with natural paua shell beads and bronze accents beads and cross. The layout is based on a small part of the Anglican rosary - sometimes this shorter rosaries are called "pocket rosaries" because their small size makes them easy to carry around with you.

The loop of 7 prayer beads is made with 10mm paua shell coin beads, and the 2 front beads are paua ovals. This beautiful shell is found only in New Zealand, and the iridescent colors are great with the small bronze separator beads and chain.

The loop of beads meets at a center ring, stamped with the word "Hope". The front extension drops from the ring, with 2 15mm oval paua beads separated with tiny brass cube beads. Called the "invitatory" and "cruciform" beads, these are used to lead into the loop of prayer.

The chaplet begins and ends with a bronze Talavera cross which has a raised pattern on the front and the same design inscribed in the other side. Talavera is a form of folk art originating in Mexico and is often used to decorate religious items.

A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary is included, which has prayers for using this chaplet to pray for peace - in the world, your community and your heart. You can of course substitute your own prayers, or use the alternative ones in the pamphlet.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 27cm / 10.75 inches;
Cross: 3cm tall / 1.2 inches tall;
Beads: double-sided 10mm paua shell coin, 15mm paua shell ovals.

A lovely small rosary for personal prayer. It would make a unique gift or addition to a rosary collection, and comes attractively packaged along with the pamphlet.

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