Man's Paternoster with Agate & Copper, Holy Spirit & Cross


This small paternoster is based on styles popular in the 16th century Renaissance period of religious history, which is when rosaries linked with wire through each bead started becoming popular alongside the older style made on string or cord.

This looped paternoster is made with 10mm round rustic agate beads, separated with little copper links & beads. The beads have a textured feel, a tactile reminder to the user to focus on prayers being said.

There are 3 groups of 3 prayer beads, a style known as a "niner" rosary, which is one of the oldest forms of rosary.

The loop of 9 prayer beads meets at a forged metal Holy Spirit dove which connects it to the front drop.

The front drop has a larger 12mm agate gaud bead (Our Father bead), and the paternoster is completed with a solid bronze cross & heart. The metal has been given an antiqued copper finish like ancient treasures from times past.

This type of paternoster would have been worn by men, particularly those serving as guards or in the military. It would be carried draped over the wrist or forearm in peaceful times, or attached to a belt or cloak pin when on duty.

Length: 26.5cm / 10.5 inches;
Cross: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches tall.

I don't try and make exact replicas of antique prayer beads. My paternosters are based on design influences from the past, incorporated with modern materials & techniques. In this way we can today share in the long story of prayer beads down through the centuries.

The paternoster comes in a handmade pouch to keep it in, along with an info card about paternosters.

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