Paternoster Rosary with Pomander, Agate Beads


This paternoster rosary is based on designs from the Medieval period, brought up to date with modern materials and techniques. The paternoster has a brass pomander, a hinged vessel for holding sweet smelling herbs, spices or perfumes.

The rosary loop of 10 Ave is made with larger-size 10mm round natural agate beads, and the Gaud bead (Pater bead) in the front is an ornate filigree brass bead, which leads to the pomander, all linked with brass chain.

In past times personal bathing wasn't as frequent so many women and men carried rosaries with pomanders filled with sweet smelling potions to mask less pleasant odors. They were also filled with various herbs in the belief that would help ward of illness.

Carrying or wearing a rosary was common, something of a fashion statement, so they became a handy place to add your pomander to. The pierced filigree work of the pomander ball allowed the sweet smells to waft around the person as they moved.

A paternoster like this one would have been carried over the forearm or worn attached to a belt, most likely by someone in the middle to upper class of society at the time. It is suitable for re-enactment or cosplay outfits. The pomander is hinged so it opens to be filled.

I've used double-link brass chain to construct the rosary, and hand-linked the beads so it has that unique handmade look and is well-made for years of use.

Length when hanging: 32cm / 12.5 inches;
Beads: 10mm agate, 15mm brass filigree;
Pomander: cm / 1.6 inches tall.

This paternoster comes in a handmade pouch for you to store it in when not wearing it.

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