Paternoster Rosary with Memento Mori, Red Coral & Black Tassel


Middle Ages style paternoster rosary with red coral beads and carved marble memento mori skulls. Strung on black rosary cord, this paternoster features a luxurious black silky tassel.

A paternoster like this would be worn or carried by wealthier people as part of their everyday attire. They were held in the hands, looped over the forearm, or worn on a belt or brooch. Not only were they used for prayer - they also displayed the social standing of their owner.

Coral was commonly available for those with money in the Middle Age period, and red coral prayer beads were particularly popular with both men and women. The coral in this rosary is sponge coral, dyed a rich royal red. There are 2 decades of Ave beads & 3 larger gaud beads for reciting the Lords Prayer (Pater Noster) or the Apostles creed.

The rosary includes 2 marble memento mori skull beads. Memento mori (remember you are mortal) were popular additions to rosaries through the Renaissance period & beyond. While they may seem a little morbid today, they were very common in past times as reminders that life is fleeting.

The front drop brings the loop of Ave beads together with 2 gaud beads, ending in a silky black tassel. The tassel was a decorative feature in historic paternosters, and legend has it that the tassel was included so the person praying could wipe tears from their eyes.

Length when hanging: 31cm / 12.25 inches:
Beads: 10mm & 15mm round coral, 12, marble skulls beads;
Accent beads: brass & wood;
Tassel: 9cm / 3.5 inches long.

A paternoster is a bridge between past and present times, & this one is made for regular personal use. It is also suitable for re-enactment and renaissance costumes. A handmade rosary pouch is included to store it in.

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