Paternoster Rosary, Renaissance Style Green Jade & Glass, Large Size


This impressive paternoster rosary is based on a painting of St Jerome by Joos Van Cleve from the 1500s , the beginning of the Renaissance period in Europe. It is a large piece made with 18mm green jade gemstone beads and a handblown glass gaud bead next to the silky green tassel.

My paternosters are not exact replicas of historical pieces. My intention is to combine the best of rosary design from the past with today's modern materials and techniques, so we can share a link with people of prayer through history. In the renaissance period, a paternoster was commonly on display either carried on the arm or in the hands, attached to clothing, or on prominent display in homes and public places.

The 10 paternoster beads are 18mm green jade, each finished with bronze end caps and individually wire-wrapped, then joined with brass rolo chain. These beads were used for reciting the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) prayer. At the beginning is a bronze ring which was used for hanging the rosary, or for attaching to a belt or clothing, or slipping over a finger if holding the paternoster.

At the other end is a 25mm red blown glass bead topped with bronze caps and a black crystal, which is called the "gaud" or marker bead and was generally used for saying the Apostles Creed or the Lord's Prayer This bead was commonly more ornate than the Ave beads, and is followed by a silky green tassel.

A lovely old tale tells how the tassel was commonly seen in paternosters as it was used to dry tears shed during prayer - tears of repentance, gratitude and praise.

This is a large piece, measuring 72cm / 28.5 inches long.
Ring = 3cm / 1.2 inches across,
Tassel = 11cm / 4.25 inches.

The paternoster is well made for regular prayer use, or it can be used in decor. It comes in a handmade (by me) period-style textile pouch to gift or store it in.

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