Paternoster Renaissance Revival, Quartz & Agate Beads Black Tassel


This quartz gemstone paternoster rosary reflects designs from the Renaissance era which I have updated with modern materials and techniques to meet today's prayer needs. A paternoster provides a link with the rich history of worship and prayer down through the centuries.

For this design, I have chosen faceted natural black rutilated quartz beads for the 10 prayer beads, and two black agate beads for the guads (Our Father beads), one at each end of the strand. Like most paternosters from that time, the beads are larger than the usual modern pocket rosary - 10mm and 15mm round.

At one end is a beaten pewter ring to attach the paternoster to a belt or brooch, or to slip over a finger or thumb so the rosary isn't dropped. A silver pewter cross hangs from the ring. At the other end is a silky black tassel capped in pewter. I've strung the paternoster with 100% cotton cord so it is soft and flexible to use.

Total length: 31cm / 12.25 inches;
Tassel length: 8cm / 3 inches;
Pewter ring: 3cm / 1.25 inches across;
Cross: 5cm / 2 inches tall.

Paternosters were the fore-runner of today's rosary, and were used from the earliest times to count prayers and help focus on the meaning of each prayer. "paternoster" is Latin for Our Father, the prayer most commonly used to pray with a paternoster rosary.

During the Renaissance rosaries & paternosters were commonly used by everyone - young & old, nobles & peasants, men and women. They were often displayed as part of the daily clothing by attaching to a belt or brooch, held in the hands in public or worn like a large, loose bracelet.

This lovely paternoster is well made for years of prayer and display, and comes attractively packaged. It is suitable for men or women.

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