Paternoster Prayer Beads with Green Tassel - Renaissance Revival


The paternoster was used extensively in the Middle Ages, prayer beads that were carried or worn as part of everyday attire. The beads were often quite large, and the sets often had tassels, medals, jewellery or other personal mementos attached.

This paternoster is made in a linear style, such as would have been carried or worn by people of the middle classes in the 14th & 15th centuries. While it was common for men to use a linear paternoster and women to carry a circular looped version, both sexes used both styles - simply a matter of personal preference.

The beads are 10mm round agate stone beads, a hard & durable natural material that has been used for centuries in prayer beads. Te 10 prayer beads are separated with fancy gold pewter decorative beads, for ease of handling and to display the wealth of the owner.

At one end is a forged iron rustic-styled cross; at the other end is a green silky tassel. Legend says the tassel was not only decorative - it was used to wipe away the tears of the faithful as they prayed.

"Paternoster" means "Our Father" in Latin, and that is the prayer most commonly said as each bead passes through the fingers. The construction is  known as a "chained rosary", or "linked" as we call it today, with wire used to connect the beads. Linked styles became increasingly popular in the 15th century, alongside sets made on cord or rope.

Length: 65cm / 20.5 inches;
Cross: 5cm / 2 inches tall;
Tassel: 7cm / 2.75 inches long.

A paternoster is a link with the rich tradition of Christian prayer through the centuries and makes a unique gift for the faithful. While my paternosters are not exact reproductions of historic pieces, they are perfect for reenactment or Middle Ages period costumes too.

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