Saint On A Chain - Our Lady of Graces & St Benedict


Carry your favorite saint on a chain! These chains can be used as a saint charm for the rear view mirror in your car, attach inside a backback or purse, around your bedside lamp or in your office drawer - in fact they can be hooked up just about any place you would like to see your medal, along with an angel wing and a crucifix.

This Saint On A Chain features a lovely medal of Our Lady of Graces standing in the garden gate, and a small medal of Saint Benedict. Both are cast in brass and have been lightly oxidized to bring out the details. I then seal them to inhibit any tarnishing.

The medals hang in a cluster with a brass angel wing and a small brass "fruit & vine" crucifix, attached to an interwoven brass ring. A strong brass link chain is attached to the ring with a small clasp so you can undo it to wrap around anything you would like to fasten the chain to.

St Benedict was born to the Roman nobility and is the twin brother of St Scholastica. He has many patronages, including patron saint of monks, those in religious orders, agricultural workers, schoolchildren, civil engineers, cavers, the dying and wards against poisons, witchcraft, fevers and temptations.

Chain: 7.1" (18cm) with antique gold-tone lobster clasp.
Medals: 3cm & 1.5cm (1.2" & 0.6")
Crucifix: 2.5cm (1')

Your Saint On A Chain will come nicely wrapped on a presentation card so it makes a fab gift, specially for sending in the post.

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