Orthodox Christian Icon Medal Pendant, Theotokis - Mary & Child


A stunning Theotokis Christian icon pendant, cast in bronze. The image is in the style of Eastern Christian inconography, showing Mary with the child Jesus on the front and an ornately decorated reverse side.

Theotokis means "God bearer" or "Mother of God" and is one of the Virgin Mary's titles. Theotokis icons and art often show Mary and the child Jesus together, as this one does, although some show Mary by herself.

The front and back are the same color - the back is slightly convex so it has caught the flashlight of my camera, making it appear lighter than it is.

This is a reasonably large pendant medal, at 5cm tall including the fancy top loop. The photos show both the front & back of the same medal.

A lovely pendant for wearing, display or use in a rosary or prayer beads. Made in Greece.

Size: 5cm tall x 3cm wide. The hole through the bail (loop) is 3mm.

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