Orthodox / Byzantine Red Tip Crucifix


Orthodox Byzantine-style crucifix with red enamel background on the cross and a rose behind the figure of Christ.

This style cross is known as a "budded cross" because it has buds or discs at the end of the arms.

Budded crosses can have 1 to 5 buds per cross end, each arrangement having its own symbolism.  The most common is 3, which represents the Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The 3-budded cross is also sometimes called the Apostles Cross, with each bud representing one of the 12 Apostles. 

This crucifix is suitable for wearing as a pendant (chain not provided), or for use in a rosary or chaplet. If you are looking for a good quality chain, I have stainless steel chains here which are a good colour match for this crucifix.

Size: 5cm tall, 3.5cm wide. The back is smooth and plain with the word Italy stamped at the bottom

It comes with a silver steel split ring through the loop on top for attaching.


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