Memento Mori Rosary, Swarovski Pearls & Howlite Skulls - Remember You Are Mortal


This Memento Mori rosary is a design that harks back to a popular style of rosary in the Middle Ages Renaissance era. "Memento Mori" means "remember you are mortal" and is a reminder to the faithful that life is fleeting. The memento is usually a skull, bringing to mind that our earthly life is short, so we should make the most of it.

This 5-decade Catholic rosary is made with 10mm round Swarovski pearls for the Aves in a color called Tahitian Blue - a deep blue with a pearly luster.The Pater beads are white howlite carved skulls, a marble-like creamy white stone with delicate brown veins through each bead.

These beads are a reasonably large size, making the rosary ideal for those who find handling larger beads easier - or those looking for an impressive rosary. All the beads are individually linked with bronze wire, so the rosary flows nicely through your hands.

The center connector is a bronze medal of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the rosary has a Pardon Crucifix, also in bronze. The back of this well-known cross has the words "Behold this heart which has so loved men. Father forgive them."

Length when hanging: 62cm / 24.5 inches;
Crucifix: 5cm / 2 inches tall.
Beads: 10mm Swarovski pearls, 14mm howlite skulls.

Memento Mori rosaries and paternosters were very common in the Middle Ages, and while we might view the skulls as being ghoulish, they helped keep the living on the straight path. In earlier centuries, an educated person might have an actual skull on his desk to keep the idea of death present. St Gerard Majella had such a Memento Mori on his desk.

This substantial rosary is well made for years of prayer, and comes in a textile rosary pouch to keep it in.

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