Medieval Paternoster Rosary, Crusaders Memento Mori Prayer Beads


This paternoster rosary is based on prayer beads from the Medieval period, using historical design elements in a modern adaptation. This is a "memento paternoster" which includes reminders of religious ideas & concepts or personal items of significance to the user. 

The rosary is substantial, with a solid weight and feel in the hands. There are 5 groups of 10 prayer beads (like the modern rosary), separated by larger gaud beads which we call Pater or Our Father beads today.

The decades are 10mm round faceted black Czech glass and the gauds are 15mm hollow pewter beads, strung on strong braided black rosary thread.  The gauds are knotted in place on the strand, leaving enough room on the thread for you to move the prayer beads along the strand as you pray the rosary.

At the front is a large beaten pewter focal piece bearing a small Crusader's Cross emblem in the center and on each side of the loop. A black onyx Christian cross hangs on one side, a lion memento on the other.

The "mementos" attached to this rosary also include a Jerusalem cross with a brown bead representing the land, a shield trophy, a genuine jade seal, a blue cotton tassel and 2 memento mori skulls. Legend has it that a tassel was included in paternosters for the purpose of wiping away tears shed during prayer - tears of sorrow, submission & joy.

Memento mori are reminders that we are mortal & life is fleeting. These skulls may seem ghoulish today, but they helped keep the living on the straight & narrow in earlier centuries. An educated European might place an actual skull on his desk to keep the idea of death always present in his mind - as indeed St Gerard did.

In past times, a rosary such as this would have been visibly displayed on clothing, or carried over the forearm or in the hand as a sign of piety. Many of my rosaries are enjoyed by historic re-enactment groups, and although they are not exact replicas they embody the spiritual concepts of the Medieval and Renaissance period.

Beads: 10m Czech glass & 15mm pewter;
Focal: 5cm / 2 inches tall;
Overall length when hanging: approx 40cm / 15.75cm.

This Renaissance Revival paternoster comes in a handmade (by me) pouch to store it in. An information card about Memento Mori is included.

Renaissance Revival Collection


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