Large Pieta Rosary, Mixed Gemstone Beads


This large rosary is perfect for prayer, for a presentation, adding to a rosary collection, or for display in your home. Inspired by rosary designs from the Renaissance era, this rosary has hand-linked gemstone & pewter beads and a center medal of the Pieta.

The individual prayer beads are 10mm round gemstone beads, with each decade being a different type of natural stone. Included are snowflake obsidian, golden tigers eye, unakite, serpentine and Red Creek jasper.

The Pater beads are 12mm pierced filigree pewter beads, and the front 3 beads are 10mm faceted jasper nuggets. All the beads are  hand-linked with stainless steel rosary wire, making a strong & durable rosary.

Rosaries with metal wire linking the beads had become popular by the Renaissance period, alongside the older tradition of rosaries strung on cord or string.

The center connector shows the Virgin Mary holding the body of her dead son, Jesus. This image is based on the work of Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture. The large pewter crucifix has the Chi Rho symbol at the top. Both pieces are made in Italy.

Length when hanging: 65cm / 25.5 inches;
Crucifix: 6cm / 2.5 inches tall.

This impressive rosary comes in a handmade (by me) renaissance style drawstring pouch to store it in, and is covered by my personal guarantee.

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