Large Agate & bronze Middle Ages Style Rosary


This large rosary is perfect for prayer, for a presentation, adding to a rosary collection, or for display in your home. Inspired by rosary designs from the Middle Ages when rosaries linked with metal wire were becoming popular, this rosary is made with each agate bead looped individually with bronze wire.

The beads in the decades are 8mm round agate, and the larger gaud beads (known today as Paters or Our Father beads) are richly coloured 15mm agates finished with stacked bronze beads and wire-wrapping.

At the front is a solid bronze cross with fleur-de-lis emblems at the end of each arm.

As a Christian Cross, the three points of each fleur-de-lis represent the Holy Trinity and the total twelve points represent the Apostles. In heraldry, the three points represent faith, wisdom and chivalry. The four arms spread these to the four corners of the world.

Agate is a durable natural stone that has been used for centuries in all sorts of ways from cooking utensils to weapons to prayer beads, and is even mentioned in the Bible. These agate beads have a lovely earthy range of colors

Length when hanging: 70cm / 27.5 inches;
Cross: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall.

This impressive rosary comes in a handmade (by me) medieval style pouch to store it in, and is covered by my personal guarantee.

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