Joan of Arc Rosary, 3 Decade Large Black Onyx Catholic Prayer Beads


This is a 3-decade rosary, made with larger size beads for those who prefer a more substantial feel or who find handling larger beads is easier. The 3 decades of Hail Mary beads are each 10mm round black onyx, and the Our Father prayer beads in the decades are 15mm and the ones in the front extension are 12mm round.

The overall look of the rosary is quite impressive, featuring a round gold pewter medal of Saint Joan of Arc, with her coat of arms on the back. The three decades meet at this center connector.

Between the decades are gold pewter fluted oval-shaped beads that measure 15mm across and are finished with little black crystals and wire-wrapping to give extra strength.

The front extension has 2 Our Father beads which are 12mm black onyx captured between heavy gold bead caps and wire-wrapping, giving the rosary an "olde-world" appearance. The rosary begins and ends with a bronze crucifix with fleur-de-lis ends on the arms and a radiant sun behind the figure of Christ - a sign of His resurrection.

A crucifix with 3 points ending the arms symbolises the 3-fold nature of God - God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. An alternative meaning for them is that the total number of points is 12, representing the 12 Apostles who went forth from the cross to carry the God News to the world.

Length from center back to end of crucifix: 50cm / 19.5 inches;
Center medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch across;
Crucifix: 5.5cm / 2.2 inches tall.

This is an impressive rosary that feel cool and smooth when using it - you can see it held on a man's hand in the photos to give a sense of scale. It comes in a handmade (by me) lined rosary pouch to keep it in and will be attractively packaged.

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