Jerusalem Cross Stretch Bracelet Set, Jasper & Agate Beads


This set of two stretch bracelets is designed to be worn together as a layered set, or separately for a minimalist look. A lovely pewter Jerusalem Cross is the focal feature of the set.

The bracelet with the Jerusalem Cross is made with 8mm round terra rosa jasper and bright silver-plated pewter accent beads. A larger 10mm bead sits at the front of the bracelet, and the cross hangs next to it. Terra rosa jasper is a naturally occurring gemstone with attractive tones of grey, pink, salmon and dark brown in each bead.

The second bracelet is made with smaller 6mm round beads of grey lace agate, and has accent beads at the front that match the other bracelet. You can see from the lacy patterns of grey and white through the stone how this agate got its name! Both jasper and agate have been used for centuries for personal jewellery, weapons and household items - they are even mentioned in the Bible.

The set is stretchy for easy on-off wear. The pictured set is a medium size - smaller and larger bracelets may have a slightly different arrangement of beads to achieve the right size for you.

Here is a general guide to sizing:
Women - Small: 16cm (6."), Medium: 17cm (6.5"), Large: 18cm (7"), Larger: 19cm (7.5"), X-Large: 20cm (8").

Measure your wrist and order that size if you want it to sit firmly on your wrist, or the next size up for a looser fit. You can choose the size you want from the drop-down menu at checkout.

A lovely set of bracelets that effortlessly combine fashion and faith in a contemporary look. They come attractively packaged to treat you, or so they are ready for you to treat someone else.



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