Irish Penal Rosary, Hematite & Silver, Customise Options


An Irish Penal rosary with thumb/finger ring and your choice of style for the crucifix. Made in glossy black hematite beads in the traditional layout for this wee rosary.

I've used hematite oval beads for the  single decade of Hail Mary beads, each bead separately linked with silver rosary wire so the rosary moves freely through your hands in use. The single Our Father bead is slightly larger and is wire-wrapped to give extra strength where needed. This well-made rosary will last for many years of prayer.

At one end is a beaten pewter ring for slipping over your thumb for finger. You can select the diameter ring you prefer from the drop-down options box - either 20mm (pictured) or 25mm.

The Irish Penal rosary developed during a period known as the Penal Times in Ireland where practicing the Catholic religion was a punishable offense. A style of crucifix developed with shorter cross-arms so that it could more easily be concealed inside a clenched fist or up a sleeve. The rosary also developed to have a ring at one end which could be placed over a finger or thumb, both to keep track of prayers and also to reduce the risk of the rosary falling and becoming noticed - so the devout continued to carry a rosary with less chance of detection.

You can choose which version of the Penal crucifix you would like on your rosary. The original penal crucifix was plain with short arms - the primitive style. This style evolved into the one most commonly seen today which has symbols of Christ's Passion on front and back. This is the style you can see attached to the rosary in the photos. The older style is in the last photo - select your preference from the drop-down option box.

Length: 27cm (10.5 inches)
Crucifix: 5cm (2 inches)

This little rosary is rich in tradition and comes with a short explanation card. It will be attractively packaged for if you wish to gift it.

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