Irish Penal Rosary, Gemstone Beads, Penal Crucifix


The Irish Penal rosary is a style of short rosary that came about during times of religious persecution in Ireland, when practicing the Catholic faith was a crime - even punishable by death. The devout developed this short rosary with a specially designed crucifix with short arms at one end, which could be easily hidden up a sleeve or in a closed fist to escape detection.

At the other end is a finger or thumb ring which had 2 purposes: it could be slipped over a finger to minimize the chance of dropping the rosary into view, and could also be moved from finger to finger to keep count of how many decades had been prayed.

For this compact rosary, I have used natural jasper beads reflecting the colors of the land in Ireland. Next to the cross is a cream marble memento mori skull bead, a reminder of the short life we all have on earth. You can read about memento mori here.

Length: 29cm / 11.5 inches;
Crucifix: 5cm / 2 inches;
Ring: 3cm / 1.25 inches across.

The Irish Penal crucifix in this wee rosary is a reproduction of an antique crucifix used in Ireland. It comes with a card explaining the symbols of the crucifixion on both the front and back.

A nice rosary for personal use, which is compact so easy to carry in pocket or purse. It comes attractively packaged along with a card explaining the history of the rosary and cross.

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