Hematite Catholic Rosary, Saint Joseph Center


A traditional Catholic  rosary in black & silver, featuring a center medal of Saint Joseph with a small image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the back.

The rosary is made with glossy black hematite beads, 8mm rounds for the Hail Marys and 10mm ovals for the Our Father beads. These larger beads are finished with little jet Swarovski crystals that add a subtle reflected light when the rosary moves & I've wire-wrapped these beads for extra strength where needed most.

The center medal is St Joseph holding the child Jesus. St Joseph is the patron saint of fathers & he is also patron of the universal Church, carpenters, real estate sales, social justice and a happy death.

The medal & the traditional lily-arm crucifix are both imported from Italy where they are cast in nickle & lead-free pewter then given an antiqued finish to show up the detailing.

Length from center-back to end of crucifix: 57cm;
Center medal: 2.5cm tall;
Crucifix: 5cm tall.

This full-size rosary is well-made for many years of prayer, and feels cool and smooth in the hands. It comes attractively packaged in a handmade rosary pouch to store it in.

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