Greenstone & Paua Shell Handmade Rosary


Beautiful hand-crafted rosary, made in New Zealand with greenstone and paua shell beads and a gold-plate Celtic design crucifix.

Greenstone is the name of this forest green jade here in New Zealand, and paua is our name for the lovely iridescent shell used in the Our Father beads of this rosary. Worldwide these beads are known as nephrite jade and New Zealand abalone shell.

The Hail Mary beads are reasonably small at 5mm round, making this a petite size overall - perfect for adults who like a more compact set or for young fingers learning their rosary. The loop is long enough to slip over the head.

The Our Father beads are 12mm long New Zealand paua shell with lovely vibrant shimmering colors. I've finished these natural shell beads with tiny gold end caps and wee peridot green Swarovski crystals, then wire-wrapped them to give that unique handmade look to the rosary.

The center medal shows Our Lady of Grace and the crucifix is a traditional Celtic design. Both are gold-plated pewter, made in Italy

Length when hanging: 50cm / 19.7 inches;
Center: 2cm / 0.8 inch tall;
Crucifix: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall.

A really nice rosary to use which feels light and smooth in the hands. It comes in a handmade cotton rosary pouch to keep it in and will be attractively packaged.

Greenstone Collection

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