Greenstone (Nephrite Jade) Rosary, San Damiano Cross


A smaller-sized set of rosary beads, made with nephrite jade (greenstone) beads hand-linked so it flows smoothly through your fingers as you prayer the rosary.

The Hail Mary beads are just 6mm round, and the Our Fathers are a little larger 8mm rounds. The colour of the jade is mid-to-pale green, and you can see the colour variations & natural inclusions that are typical of nephrite jade in each bead.

The loop of prayer beads meets at a center connector showing the alpha & omega symbols on either side of the Chi Rho cross symbol.  What looks like the letter P with an X through the bottom is actually the Greek letters X and P. They are the first 2 letters of "Christ" in Greek (Christos), and this monogram is used as a symbol of Christ, Christianity and Christians.

The rosary is completed with a cross known as the San Damiano cross. This is a copy of the original cross Saint Francis of Assisi was kneeling in prayer in front of when he received his commission from the Lord to rebuild the church. The original cross hangs in the Basilica of St Clare in Assisi.

Length when hanging: 47cm / 18.5 inches:
Cross: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall.

This is a lovely rosary for personal use for anyone who prefers smaller-sized beads, or for a child. It comes with a handmade (by me) cotton rosary pouch to keep it in and is attractively packaged.

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