Greenstone Irish Penal Crucifix Pocket Rosary


Greenstone (nephrite jade) and silver are an eye-catching combination in this Irish Penal rosary, handmade here in New Zealand. The beads are 8mm round greenstone with a 10mm Our Father bead, with a traditional "penal" crucifix.

The style of the Irish Penal rosary developed during a period in the history of Ireland when Catholics were banned from practicing their faith - with severe penalties for doing so. The devout continued to pray and use rosary beads regardless, and so developed a single decade rosary with a loop at one end.

The design allowed the rosary to be hidden up a sleeve or in a closed fist to avoid detection. The ring is placed over one finger after the other as each decade is prayed, both to secure the rosary against accidental dropping and to keep count of the number of prayers completed. The full rosary of 5 decades would be completed when the ring had been moved along from thumb to little finger.

The cross on an Irish Penal rosary usually had quite short arms as well, all the better to keep it hidden from sight. This cross has many symbols relating to Christ's crucifixion - a small card explaining them is included.

All the beads are hand-linked with silver rosary wire for a nice strong construction.

Length: 28.5cm / 11.25 inches
Crucifix: 4cm / 1.6 inches
Ring: 2.5cm across / 1 inch.

The rosary comes in attractive packaging along with an information card.

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