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This Christian rosary is made with green nephrite jade gemstone beads teamed with silver. Known as greenstone in New Zealand, this type of jade is highly prized - giving a gift of greenstone signifies love and respect between the giver and receiver.

I've used 6mm round greenstone beads for the 4 sets of week beads, and 8mm rounds for the cruciform & invitatory beads. These beads are separated with tiny glass & pewter spacer beads, and olive green Swarovski crystals sit either side of the larger beads.

This is a smaller size, compact rosary, made on super-flexible stainless steel rosary wire so it lasts for many years of prayer.It is not long enough to wear as a necklace.

The cross that begins and ends the rosary has a Celtic knot design on both sides. The origin of the endless Celtic knot pattern is now lost in the mists of time, but one meaning is that it shows us how our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

Length from center back to end of cross: 30cm / 12 inches;
Cross: 3cm / 1.25 inches tall
Beads: 6mm & 8mm nephrite jade.

The Christian rosary is also known as the Anglican or Episcopalian rosary, and is used by most major Christian faiths as an aid to prayer and meditation. The rosary is more than a simple recitation of prayers. The beads offer a focal point to help keep the mind still while praying, to allow the prayer to become physical as well as mental.

A lovely, small rosary for personal use for men or women, which would make a thoughtful gift. The rosary comes in a handmade cotton rosary pouch to keep it in, along with a pamphlet with some suggested ways to start using it.

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