Good Shepherd Cross - Pope Francis Pectoral Cross 5cm


This cross is known as the Good Shepherd cross and is the type of cross chosen by Pope Francis for his pectoral cross. This cross has excellent detail and a larger bail (loop) at the top so it is ideal for wearing on a cord or heavier chain, as well as for use in a rosary or chaplet.

This is the copyrighted original official version of Pope Francis's pectoral cross, authorized by the artist who created the actual cross pendant currently worn by Pope Francis. Also known as the Papa Francisco cross or Papa Francesco cross, it depicts Christ the Good Shepherd carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders, with the flock in the background. At the top is the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. The artist's signature is incorporated into the cross on the back.

Made from nickle and lead-free pewter with a lightly oxidised finish; the back is plain.

Size: 5cm tall including top loop, 3.25cm wide.



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