Cross, Labyrinth, Heart - Christian Bag Charm or Keychain Farewell Gift


A unique handmade clip-on dangle for your backpack, handbag or keychain. A perfect gift for a traveler or someone short on space - these are so lovely attached to a bedside lamp & make a thoughtful gift for anyone on bed rest.

For this charm clip I've wire-wrapped a gorgeous green agate barrel bead with layers of pewter bead caps to create a link to attach a Byzantine style cross to a sturdy steel trigger-action clip. The agate bead shows colors ranging from forest green through cream and earthy brown, and the bead has been cut to reveal the circular patterns in the stone. Agate is associated with strength, stability and courage in challenging situations.

Alongside the agate bead hangs a Celtic design heart charm and a labyrinth pendant. Labyrinths are ancient symbols found in many cultures around the world, dating back over 3,500 years. They represent wholeness, combining images of the circle and spiral into a single pathway that leads into the center. For many the labyrinth symbolizes the journey of life itself, and is a gentle reminder to take one step at a time.

Overall length: 10cm / 4 inches;
Clip part: 3.25cm / 1.3 inches.

A lovely treat for yourself, or to mark an occasion in someone's life - a wee gift they can keep with them wherever they are. It comes attractively wrapped to complete the treat.

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