Catholic Irish Penal Rosary, Greenstone Beads


The Catholic Irish Penal rosary was originally known as "An Paidrin Beag" (the Little Rosary).

This Irish penal rosary is made with greenstone (nephrite jade) gemstone beads, each hand-linked with gold rosary wire. The 10 Hail Mary beads are 8mm round, and the single Our Father prayer bead is 9mm round.

At one end is a gold pewter ring for slipping over a thumb to anchor the rosary when using it and at the other end is a Celtic crucifix with traditional knot designs. The origin of the endless Celtic knot pattern is now lost in the mists of time, but one meaning of the endless Celtic Knot design is that it shows how our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

Penal rosaries originated in Ireland during the times when religious objects were forbidden. A penal rosary is a single decade with the crucifix on one end and a ring on the other. When praying the ring is placed over the thumb and the beads and crucifix of the rosary concealed up the sleeve. As each decade was prayed, the ring was moved to the next finger and another decade prayed, so a count could be kept. In this way the devout could continue to use a rosary with less fear of being caught.

Length: 26.5cm / 10.5 inches
Ring: 2.5cm across
Crucifix: 3cm tall / 1.25 inches

A nice wee rosary for the bedside table or pocket, it comes attractively packaged.

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