12 Step Recovery Meditation or Prayer Beads with Matt Talbot Medal


This set of meditation or prayer beads is full of symbols of recovery, and features a medal of Matt Talbot, the patron of those recovering from alcoholism. Designed for members of 12 Step recovery programs, the beads can be used as an aid to prayer and meditation, or simply as "worry beads" to help relieve stress in challenging times.

There are 12 striped red agate gemstone beads (8mm round) in the loop, one for each of the 12 Steps in the recovery program. There is a copper bead after the 3rd Step bead, so the first 3 steps are easy to locate by touch.

The loop meets at a copper circle imprinted with the word sobriety, again referencing the continuity of the cycles of life. The front drop contains 3 red agate drop beads, one for each of the 3 principles of recovery.

The beads begin with a medal of Matt Talbot, and a copper Unity recovery symbol. Matt Talbot was himself a recovering alcoholic, and a man of extraordinary Christian faith. This set of recovery beads would make a great gift for any Catholic or Christian in recovery.

Length: 23cm / 9.25 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm (1")

The beads come attractively wrapped along with a pamphlet that explains their purpose and has some suggested ways to start using them, along with a copy of the full Serenity Prayer.

Recovery prayer & meditation beads




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