Christian Prayer Bracelet - St Benedict Chaplet for Wrist, Anglican Rosary Bracelet


This St Benedict Christian prayer bracelet is designed to be worn as a wrist rosary. Based on the layout of a portion of the Anglican (Christian) rosary, the beads are in the same pattern as the Anglican chaplet of St Benedict. A pamphlet with the prayers is included.

The bracelet is one-quarter of the full Anglican rosary, having one "week" of 7 prayer beads and 2 introductory beads with a small St Benedict medal and small cross. The 7 week beads are 8mm round glossy black hematite, and the other beads are hematite ovals - the black hematite beads set between sparkling red and clear Swarovski crystals are very striking combined with the bright gold medal.

Each bead is separately linked with gold rosary wire so the bracelet drapes nicely when worn, and 2 vivid red Swarovski crystals finish the design. The St Benedict medal is gold-plated pewter with the traditional image of this great saint on one side and his ward (prayer of protection) on the other, and the cross repeats this image.

• Bracelet length and wrist size are not the same thing. • To find what bracelet length is best for you, measure your wrist just above the wristbone where you wear a watch, then ADD another 2.5cm (1 inch) to that measurement. That is the length bracelet you need.

You can choose the length bracelet you want from the drop-down menu at checkout, and you can also choose to have a short gold-plated extension.growth chain added at the clasp for no extra cost.

A lovely bracelet for everyday wear, which can be used for prayer in quiet moments of the day. This unique bracelet comes in attractive packaging to complete the treat.

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