Christian Pocket Rosary, Paua Anglican Prayer Beads


A unique Christian pocket rosary made with natural New Zealand paua shell beads. Also known as an Anglican chaplet, this style of small rosary is used in many Christian faiths.

The design is based on a portion of the full-size Anglican rosary. There are 7 prayer beads in the loop, each quite large paua shell beads, 18mm long. The beads are hand-linked with brass rosary wire and separated with little bronze spacer beads.

The two front beads are both round, 18mm across, and an ornate renaissance style bronze cross with a smooth back completes the set.

Prayer beads help to bring inner silence for contemplative or meditative prayer, by engaging both the mind and the body in the prayer time. Touching each successive bead can keep the mind from wandering, and the rhythm of the prayers leads more readily into stillness. A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary is included with some suggested ways to start using the beads.

Overall length: 34cms;
Cross: 6cm tall.

This pocket rosary has larger beads than some of my chaplets, so is a great choice for anyone who finds handling larger beads easier. It is lightweight and flows nicely through the fingers. It comes attractively packaged along with the pamphlet.

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