Christian Pocket Prayer Beads, Rustic Copper & Glass


Pocket-size Anglican rosary prayer beads, ideal for people on the go or who travel a lot. Their smaller size means they slip easily into a pocket, purse, car glove box, desk drawer ... anywhere they can be handy to use in quiet moments.

This small rosary has a rustic, time-worn look to it, made with oxidised copper and Czech glass art beads. The prayer beads in the loop are rectangles in abstract colours of rust, white & brown - lovely wee works of art. The 2 opening prayer beads are orange picasso Czech glass, and the pocket rosary is completed with a handmade copper cross pendant.

The Anglican pocket rosary is based on a small section of the full rosary. Whereas a full Anglican rosary has 33 beads, this pocket rosary has 9. This represents 7 "week" beads, 1 "cruciform" bead and 1 "invitatory" bead of the full rosary. They are also commonly called Christian or Protestant pocket rosaries.

Length: 22cm / 8.75 inches;
Cross: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall.

This unique little rosary will come attractively packaged with a pamphlet explaining a bit about the Anglican rosary and some suggested ways to start using it. A lovely set of prayer beads for personal use, or a thoughtful gift.

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