Christian Paternoster Prayer Beads, Middle Ages Style with Tassel


A paternoster is a set of Christian prayer beads that were popular long before the style of rosaries that are familiar today. In medieval times they were used & worn by both men and women, usually prominently displayed as a sign of the owners piety.

This small looped paternoster is based on styles popular in the Middle Ages. It is linked with wire as was the custom by the 13th Century - known as "chained rosaries" at that time. It has 7 prayer beads in the loop and 2 larger beads (the gaud beads) in the front, rather like the modern-day Anglican rosary.

At the front of this paternoster is an ornate blackened metal cross pendant and a pewter-capped silky brown tassel. I love the old tradition that says the tassel was to wipe the tears of the faithful as they prayed - tears of humility, hope and forgiveness.

The prayer beads are agate with a matte finish and velvety feel, wire-wrapped for strength. They are separated with short black metal bar links to make counting them with your fingers easier. This style of this paternoster would have been worn over the arm as naturally as we wear a bracelet today, by either men or women of the middle classes of European society in the Middle ages.

Length from mid-back to end of tassel: 32cm;
Beads: 10mm agate rondelles.

My paternosters come in a handmade (by me) textile pouch to store them in, along with a small information card. Perfect for personal prayer, or a unique gift.

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