Christian Bracelet - Wrist Rosary, Handmade


A lovely small rosary for the wrist, based on the layout of the Anglican & Christian rosary bead set. This rosary bracelet is one-quarter of the full rosary, with 1 set of prayer beads and a larger invitatory bead - a lovely way to wear and share faith.

The beads are blue picasso Czech crystal nuggets, all hand-linked with brass rosary wire so the bracelet curves gracefully around your wrist. Between the beads hangs a small bronze cross and a glass flower with crystal center, a symbol of hope for the future.

A bracelet with a clasp is designed to fit loosely on your wrist & drape slightly over your hand. It is not made to be worn tight on your arm.

Measure your wrist just above the wristbone - do not add any extra length. Select that measurement from the drop-down size options & I will make sure the bracelet is a comfortable fit.

You can also choose to have a short brass extension/growth chain added at the clasp for no extra cost.

Prefect for personal wear or for gifting, the bracelet comes attractively packaged.

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