Christian Anglican Rosary Bracelet, Red Confirmation Bracelet


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A beautiful Christian bracelet focused on the Holy Spirit. The design is a small portion of the Anglican rosary, so this rosary bracelet is a little rosary for your wrist.

I've used 7mm deep garnet red Czech crystal beads for the 7 prayer beads in the design, with a single pressed glass "invitatory" bead which is an invitation to prayer. The design is completed with bright red Swarovski crystals, a small quality pewter cross and 3 Swarovski crystal butterflies.

Red is the traditional color for the Holy Spirit and also Pentecost in Christian art. The invitatory bead in this bracelet is a lovely example of glass bead maker's art and an image of the dove has been carved into the glass.

Three tiny Swarovski crystals hang among the beads, along with a small "infinity" loop cross. Butterflies in Christian art are a reminder of the resurrection of Our Lord, as the butterfly has long been a symbol of the transformation which takes place within us through Christ’s redemption. I've used 3 sparkling butterflies as a further representation of the light of the Holy Trinity.

The symbols & colors in Christian art developed during the first two centuries after Christ's death when many people could not read or write. These visual symbols were a way of carrying the message of Christianity and sharing faith between people.

A bracelet with a clasp is designed to fit loosely on your wrist & drape slightly over your hand. It is not made to be worn tight on your arm.
Measure your wrist just above the wristbone - do not add any extra length. Select that measurement from the drop-down size options & I will make sure the bracelet is a comfortable fit.

This bracelet is a lovely way of sharing your faith & would make a thoughtful gift for another - especially at the time of confirmation. It comes attractively wrapped and a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary bracelet is included with your purchase.

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