Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus, Red Agate Gemstone Beads


Chaplet of the Holy Face made with red banded agate gemstone beads and a cross medal showing His image. The purpose of the Chaplet of the Holy Face is to honor the Five Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to ask of God the triumph of His holy Church.

This chaplet is composed of a cross and 39 beads; of these 6 are single beads and 33 grouped beads.  A medal of the Holy Face is attached to the chaplet. A copy of the traditional prayers for this chaplet is included.

The 5 groups of 6 beads are 8mm round banded red agate, and the larger beads between are 10mm faceted nuggets of translucent red carnelian. All the beads are separately linked, and the larger beads are wire-wrapped for extra strength.

The 33 grouped beads represent the thirty-three years of the mortal life of our Divine Lord. The first three beads recall to us the thirty years of His hidden life, and are divided into five parts of six beads each, in honor of the senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste of Jesus.

Length: 43cm / 17 inches;
Medal: 2.5mm / 1 inch.

The chaplet is well made for years of prayerful use, suitable for men or women and for rugged hands. It will come attractively packaged together with the prayer card.

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