Chaplet of Saint Peter & St Paul, Christian Pocket Rosary Prayer Beads


This small easy to carry chaplet rosary is in honor of two of the greatest Apostles of Jesus, Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Also known as a pocket rosary because of its small size, this set of rosary prayer beads features a medal showing Saint Peter on one side and Saint Paul on the other.

The design is based on the Anglican rosary, with one set of 7 week beads, and an invitatory bead and a single cruciform bead at the other end.

The prayer beads are 8mm round natural banded black agate, a hard, durable stone which is black with 'bands" of white, brown & grey running through the beads.The larger beads at each end are 15mm ovals.

At one end is a medal of the two saints, and at the other is a beaten pewter cross. The overall length of the chaplet is 28cm / 11 inches.

A pamphlet with prayers for this chaplet is included as well as a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary, and it comes attractively packaged.

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