Bronze 3-Way Pardon Indulgence Crucifix, St Benedict & Miraculous Medals


Bronze 3-way Pardon Crucifix with a St Benedict and a Miraculous medal attached. This famous cross has the words "Behold this heart which has so loved men." An image of The Sacred Heart of Jesus is shown in the center.

Made in Italy, this beautiful piece packs the 3 most powerful sacramentals of the Church into one cross. Perfect as a pendant or for rosary making. Made in Italy with a bronze finish which gives a richly detailed, 3-dimensional finishing touch.

This large crucifix is 5.5cm tall and wonderfully detailed. Comes with a bronze split ring through the top loop so it is ready to use.

The word indulgence originally meant kindness or favor. In Latin it meant the remission of a tax or debt. Under Roman law it was used to express release from captivity or punishment. In this instance, an indulgence is given to remit the temporal punishment of sin that has been forgiven.

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