Boy's Confirmation Pocket Rosary, Saint Michael Medal


This one decade rosary (also called a pocket rosary) is a great gift for a boy's confirmation. The smaller size is an easy way for a younger person to build up a lifetime practice of rosary prayers, and can be slipped into his pocket or left on a bedside table.

The loop of Hail Mary beads is made with 7mm faceted black crystal beads linked with gold rosary wire. The loop meets at a center medal with the Holy Spirit dove on one side and the Holy Trinity on the reverse, then the front drop has a single Our Father prayer bead - a 10mm round bluse goldstone bead with tiny jet Swarovski crystals each side.

The little rosary is completed with a full-color medal of Saint Michael the Archangel, and a small gold-plated crucifix with red enamel tips. The color red is associated with the sacrament of confirmation.

The beads are all hand-linked with gold rosary wire, making a good strong construction. The Our Father bead is wire-wrapped for extra strength where needed - this wee rosary will last for many years of prayer.

Length: 21cm (8.3 inches)
Medal: 2.5cm (1 inch)
Crucifix: 2.5cm (1 inch)

This pocket rosary comes attractively packaged so it is ready for gifting.


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