Blue Jasper Rosary Style Necklace, Medieval Cross


A beautiful hand-crafted necklace combining faith with fashion in a design that gives a nod to Medieval Christian jewelry.

Vivid blue & cream Imperial jasper and sparkling Swarovski crystals create a modern rosary necklace design, and the Medieval styled pattee cross reminds us of the long history of worship through the ages.

The gemstone beads on each side of the necklace are 8mm round Imperial jasper, each hand-linked in the way a rosary is made, with a fancy silver-plate chain completing the design at the back. The loop of beads joins at a rose connector which holds a pretty drop and pattee cross in a fancy round frame.

The necklace is measured laid out flat from one end of the clasp to the other, and is 50cm (19.75") long. The front drop falls about a further 8cm (3") down from the necklace loop.

The pattee cross has equal length arms, slightly narrower at the center & flared at the outer end. It has been found in Medieval jewelry since the 8th century.

This is a lovely necklace for personal wear, and idea for giving as a gift of faith. It comes attractively packaged.

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