Anglican Rosary, Paua Shell & Swarovski Crystal Beads - NZ Abalone Rosary


The Christian rosary is used by Anglicans, Protestants and Episcopalians. It is a set of prayer beads based on the 33 years of Christ's life, with 33 beads and a cross at the front. The full circle of beads represents wholeness and completion in Christ.

For this rosary I have used lovely natural paua shell beads for the groups of prayer beads, each bead just 10mm across, and linked with silver rosary wire. The larger beads between them are beautifully decorated silver pewter, wire-wrapped and set apart with sparkling green Swarovski crystals.

The rosary begins and ends with a silver pewter rose & lily cross. The 3-pointed lily at the end of the arms represent the 3-fold nature of the Holy Trinity.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 42cm / 16.5 inches;
Cross: 5cm / 2 inches.

Using the rosary is more than simply repeating prayers. The beads offer a focal point to help keep the mind still while praying, so the prayer becomes physical as well as mental. The purpose of praying with beads is to allow the repetition of words (a Bible verse, mantra or portion of a psalm, for instance) to quiet the mind and bring stillness. 

This rosary is lightweight and feels smooth and cool through the hands. It comes in a handmade (by me) rosary pouch, attractively packaged. A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary and some suggested ways to start using it is included.

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