Anglican Rosary Beads - Christian Prayer Beads


This Anglican rosary (also known as Christian prayer beads) Czech crystal and lampwork glass beads is a lovely aid to prayer, and would make a thoughtful gift for a special occasion in a Christian woman's life.

The Anglican rosary is based on Christ's life - 33 beads, one for each year of his life. The beads are set out in groups of 7 week beads, separated with larger cruciform and invitatory beads. A pamphlet about the rosary is included.

The 4 groups of prayer beads are 7mm faceted Czech crystal and the larger cruciform beads between them are lampwork glass beads with ornate detailing on each bead. Between the main beads is a selection of tiny glass and silver-plated beads. The rosary begins and ends with a pierced filigree "Lily" cross.

The lily is a symbol of purity, and has become the flower of the Virgin. Originally, in Christian symbolism, the lily was used as the attribute of the Virgin Saints. The lily among thorns has become a symbol of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin because of the purity she preserved amid the sins of the world.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 34.5cm (13.6")
Cross: 4.5cm (1.8")

This rosary comes in a handmade (by me) lined cotton rosary pouch to store it in, and will be attractively packaged.

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