Anglican / Protestant Prayer Beads, Christian Rosary


Anglican rosary beads (also known as the Protestant or Christian rosary) made with natural jasper beads and a bronze cross.

A lovely Christian rosary for men or women that is well-made for years of prayer. The Anglican rosary is based on Christ's life - 33 beads, one for each year of his life. The beads are set out in groups of 7 week beads, separated with larger cruciform and invitatory beads. A pamphlet about the rosary is included.

The week beads are 8mm round jasper, with 10mm round cruciform and invitatory beads. All the beads are hand-linked with brass rosary wire & I've finished the larger beads with wire-wrapping to give extra strength where needed most - and to give that unique handmade look to the rosary.

The groups of beads are separated with lengths of bronze chain and small studded bronze beads. This detail makes the loop of the rosary large enough to slip over the head to wear as a necklace if desired.

The rosary begins and ends with a bronze double-sided cross with ornate scroll-work on each arm. In the center of the cross is a diamond shape with a burst of light inside, signifying Christ's resurrection.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 57cm / 2.5 inches;
Cross: 4.5cm / 1.75 inch.

This rosary comes in a handmade (by me) lined cotton rosary pouch to store it in, and will be attractively packaged.

See more here: The Anglican Rosary Collection



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