Anglican Prayer Beads, Unisex Handmade Christian Rosary


The Anglican rosary is also known as the Christian rosary, and is used by many Christians to help focus during prayer. This contemporary unisex design is well-made for years of prayer and comes with a pamphlet about the rosary and some suggested ways to use it to enrich prayer life.

I've used 8mm round brecciated jasper beads in the 4 sets of 7 prayer beads, separated with small wood spacers for ease of handling. The larger cruciform beads are colorful handmade clay beads, and the rosary begins and ends with an olive wood crucifix in an aluminum frame.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 36cm / 14.25 inches. This rosary is not meant to be worn as a necklace - the loop is too small to easily go over the head.

Like all my rosaries, this one comes in a handmade lined pouch to keep it in and will be attractively packaged.

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