Anglican Prayer Beads, Paua Shell Abalone Beads & Labyrinth Medal


Anglican prayer beads are a short form of the full Christian rosary which can be used to add an extra level of meaning to prayer life. Easy to carry in a pocket or purse so they are handy for quiet moments in a busy life, they are perfect for short prayer or meditations on specific themes or needs too.

Beautiful New Zealand paua shell make this "pocket rosary" unique. Handmade with natural paua shell beads from New Zealand, this set is lovely to handle and to look at. Paua is our native abalone shell here in NZ, and I am proud to use shell from small local businesses that sustainably farm paua in my work.

The 7 prayer beads are double-sided ovals, each about 15mm long. The two front beads are used for opening prayers - one is a larger oval t 20mm long, and the other is a 20mm paua coin bead, which leads to a silver "infinity" cross with blue enamel inlay that has a subtle sparkle. The beads are all separately linked with silver rosary wire, connected with double link silver-plated chain sections.

The other end of the strand has a silver pewter labyrinth medallion. The labyrinth symbol is found in many Christian cultures and represents wholeness, combining images of the circle and spiral into a single meandering pathway that leads into the center. For many the labyrinth symbolizes the journey of life itself, and is a gentle reminder to take one step at a time.

Length: 46cm / 18 inches end-to-end;
Cross: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall;
Labyrinth: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

These prayer beads are a reasonably long length, quite lightweight and well made for years of prayer. They come attractively packaged along with a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary and some suggestions & prayers to start using them with.

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