Anglican Pocket Rosary, Celtic Cross & Claddagh Pendant


This small Anglican / Christian rosary is one-quarter of the full rosary, and its small size is the reason it is often called a "pocket rosary". This pocket rosary is made with Celtic designs in mind, with special features being the Celtic cross and the Claddagh symbol.

The Christian pocket rosary has one "week" of 7 prayer beads, as well as 2 larger beads at the front - the cruciform and invitatory beads. I've used Czech glass nugget beads for the week beads, separated with little sparkling green Swarovski crystals. These beads are all a bit different from each other, and the mossy green & blue tones remind me of Ireland.

The larger beads are handmade lampwork glass with a green background, encircled with wee pink roses and leaves. All the beads are linked separately with gold rosary wire, and the larger beads are finished with bead caps & crystals then wire-wrapped to give that unique handmade look.

At the beginning of the set is a double-sided gold pewter Celtic cross, and at the other is a Claddagh symbol which represents love, loyalty, and friendship - in a rosary the meaning is "You hold my heart in Your hands".

Length: 33cm;
Cross: 3cm tall;
Beads: 8mm Czech glass, 15mm lampwork glass.

Why use prayer breads? The beads offer a focal point to help keep the mind still while praying, allowing the prayer to become physical as well as mental. The purpose of praying with beads is to allow the repetition of words (a Bible verse, prayer or portion of a psalm, for instance) to quiet the mind and bring stillness.

The pocket rosary will be attractively packaged, and comes with a card about the Anglican rosary and some suggested ways to use it, including the Celtic prayers especially for this small rosary.

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