Anglican Pocket Rosary, Agate & Pearls


This is a short-form of the Anglican or Christian rosary which is about one-quarter of the full rosary. Sometimes called a "pocket rosary" because of the convenient size, they are perfect to carry with you to use in those quiet moments in a busy life.

The pocket rosary has one set of 7 prayer beads, whereas the full rosary has 4 sets. The short form also has one cruciform bead, and an invitatory bead at the beginning that invites the user to prayer. A pocket rosary can be used with any prayers that have meaning to you, and a card about the rosary with some introductory prayers is included.

I've used beautiful natural "crazy lace" agate beads, separated with little freshwater pearls for the set of 7 prayer beads. The front beads are gold pewter finished with tiny Swarovski crystals & the design is completed with wee seed beads.

At one end is an antiqued gold pewter  cross, made to resemble an old-fashioned wax seal. At the other end is a solid agate angel's wing and a small medal of Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony. Among the beads hang 3 gold stars, representing the Holy Trinity.

Length: 32cm / 12.5 inches;
Agate wing: 3cm / 1.25 inches long,
Beads: 8mm agate, 10mm gold pewter, 5mm natural pearls.

This little Christian rosary is flexible and feels soothing in the hands. Perfect for personal prayer or for gifting, it comes attractively packaged along with the information card.

Read about the Anglican rosary here.

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