Anglican Good Shepherd Pocket Rosary, Agate Beads


This is an Anglican pocket rosary - a shortened version of the full-size rosary. Many people find this smaller set of Christian prayer beads to be useful for shorter prayer times or specific purposes - and they are easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

This set is the Chaplet of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and is prayed with the "Come Lord Jesus" prayer. You can also substitute or add any prayers you would like to use for meditative prayer.

Prayer beads help to bring us into contemplative or meditative prayer. Touching each successive bead helps to keep the mind from wandering, and the rhythm of the prayers leads more readily into stillness and the presence of God.

The 7 prayer beads (week beads) are 8mm round natural moss agate gemstone beads & the 2 beads in the front are 10mm round tree agate. Both these agates are formed by plant material being compressed in the ground for thousands of years - creating a hard and durable natural stone. If you look closely into the beads, you can even see traces of tiny fossilized plants.

The chaplet begins & ends with a medal of Jesus the Good Shepherd. This lovely image shows Jesus holding a lamb in His arms and His flock gathered behind him. The back of the medal carries the words "Pray For Us".

Size: 23.5cm from mid-loop to end of medal (9.3 inches long).

This small pocket rosary comes with a card of prayers to use with it, and it will be attractively wrapped. See more Anglican & Christian items in these collections:

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